Dr. Greedy has taken over the Horlicks factory, in his plan to stop kids from growing tall, sharp, and strong. He created an army of robots to stop anyone who dares to try.
But you can stop him! With your bravery, and the help of the Horlicks Tall, Strong and Sharp boosters, you can defeat Dr.Greedy and his Metaloids, to save the world!

The fate of the world is in your hands.
Join the Quest to defeat Dr. Greedy on July 1, 2015!

To defeat Dr. Greedy, you will have to fight his Metaloids and overcome obstacles as you go through 3 challenging worlds: the City, the Jungle, and the Horlicks Factory. Each world has 10 levels. At the end of every world, you will be faced with an enemy boss. The final battle will be against Dr. Greedy himself. So, collect the Horlicks Tall, Strong, and Sharp boosters, and keep an eye out for secrets in each level including special virtual worlds!

Aside from boosters, obstacles and enemies, there’s more waiting for you in every level of the Quest. Expect to get coins, stars, trophies, a yo-yo, and more!

Watch out for more coming your way here, such as NutriCoins, the 4th Dimension, and secret trophies.