Dreams for Tomorrow


Here are some fun and creative drawing ideas for your kids, to help inspire their imagination.

Make them draw their favorite season!

Make your kids draw their favorite season and how they imagine themselves enjoying it.

Generally, every kid loves summers as schools are off and they spend most of their time doing a lot of extra-curricular activities.

Get them to draw their dream house!

This is a good way to get your kids to exercise their artistic flair and explore their dreams! Who knows, they might just turn out to love drawing houses and become an architect!

Let them create their own special birthday cake!

The best thing about birthdays is the birthday cake, which kids wait for and enjoy! For this particular activity, make your kid draw out and color their perfect birthday cake so you can bring it to life on their next birthday!

Make them draw what they think would happen if it rained food items!

Making kids have their food is the hardest mission for a mom. To turn the tables this time, give them a challenge to draw a scene in which their favorite food items are raining down – they’ll love that!

Make them draw their chocolate world!

Every kid loves chocolate, whether it’s white, milk or dark chocolate – let them express this love through their creativity!