WWF Nature Carnival 2015


In today’s competitive environment children face a great deal of stress when it comes to studies. This stress maybe further intensified during exam time. Keeping this in mind, we want to help mothers to prepare their kids accordingly, ensuring that they excel at whatever challenge they face.

Start off right

Start their day bright and early with a healthy, balanced breakfast and a yummy mug of Horlicks.

Know the workload

Review the material to be covered, and track their progress against the time available.

Let them play

If they want to go out and play in the evening, let them. Keeping them locked up may frustrate them.

Mix it up

Give them all sorts of colorful pens and interesting stationery to figure out their own style of studying. Give them space to learn and make their own habits of studying. There are more ways to studying than memorizing everything word to word.

Enforce bed time

Ample night-time rest is essential for children to function at their full potential; so make sure they sleep at a decent time.

Finally, here’s one for our Wonder Moms – Get some rest and don’t stress; give Horlicks along with regular daily diet to help your child become Taller, Stronger* and Sharper**!


Servings: 2 cups a day (54g) 

*Helps build more muscles

** Helps improve attention and concentration