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Exams are a stressful time for your children and yourself, but you can manage it well by following some simple tips and rules.

Work out a realistic timetable

Set them targets you know they’ll be able to achieve, and focus on specific materials.

Be flexible during exam time

Give your children as much time as you can because exams don’t last forever! Don’t worry if a few household chores are left undone; focus on giving them attention so they’re prepared for their exam.

Keep them fit & healthy

A balanced diet can actually help their brain function more effectively and efficiently. Give your children Horlicks and a snack to help them focus while studying as a rumbling stomach or thirst can quickly make them lose their concentration.

Sleep helps exam performance

During their study session, make sure to let them sleep for at least half an hour as sleep helps in thinking and eases concentration.

Don’t pressurize your child

Remember, all children are unique. You play an important role during this crucial time so don’t emphasize previous failures but instead encourage them and appreciate their hard work. After each exam, discuss how it went and then move on to preparing for the next one! Keep telling them that failure isn’t the end of the world.