4 Tips & Tricks on How to Revise For Your Exams

Preparing for your exams at the eleventh hour is never a good idea. As you progress into high school, the work load increases significantly and the best way to get ready for your exams is to start preparing for them well before time.

Here are 4 easy tips and tricks that will help with your exam revision.

Pay Attention in Class

Studying at home will only benefit you if you’re paying attention in class. Paying attention in class will make it easier for you to remember what you’ve learnt weeks later.

Make Time for Studying

It is best to divide long chapters into smaller chunks to learn every day instead of piling everything up till the last minute.

Take Notes during Lectures

Don’t rely on your memory. You may forget important instructions or details that you’ll need to review later on. Always take notes in class so you can refer to them when prepping up for exams.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Practice makes one perfect and that holds especially true when it comes to preparing for an exam. Start prepping up for the exam at least a week before the exam is due so they have enough time on their hands to revise everything.