Mum wants it all

Mothers want it all for their kids!

Whether it’s sports or studies, mums want their kids to excel in everything they do. They understand that a healthy diet and proper nourishment is essential to help their kids perform well in all walks of life.

Giving them good nutrition plays a key role in children’s growth and developmentHorlicks - with 23 vital growth nutrients - is a great addition to your child’s daily breakfast routine.

For this Mums choose Horlicks because it is Clinically Proven to make kids Taller, Stronger*, Sharper**.

*More muscles
**Increase in attention and concentration scores

Claims based on a study conducted in 1999-2000 and published in Journal of Nutrition:22(2006) S1-S39, comparing micronutrient enriched beverage vs. Non-fortified placebo.

Claims based on a recommended daily serve of two cups (54g)