Nourishing your kid's future!

Children these days have big dreams and aspirations. Being a mother, you want to provide your children with the best nourishment you can find to ensure they are healthy and strong, enabling them to achieve their dreams.

Moms, big dreams need better nutrition! Milk alone might not be sufficient for your school-going children. Horlicks is now Scientifically Proven* to Increase the Power of Milk! It doubles Calcium and Zinc in milk, adds Iron and increases Vitamin C by 13 times!!! These and other vital nutrients in Horlicks are essential for your children’s growth years.

Add Horlicks to milk and make your kids Taller, Stronger+, Sharper++ (clinically proven^). Horlicks is available in 3 tasty flavors: Chocolate, Malt and Kesar Badam, which will make your kids gulp down their glass of milk right away!