Power of Milk

Add Horlicks To Milk

Mothers often add bananas or honey to their kids' glass of milk to provide them with extra nutrition. It's true that school going children have specific nutrient requirements for growth, which milk alone cannot provide.

Then why leave milk alone when it comes to your kids' growth years? Add Horlicks to milk. Horlicks has a new instant-mix formula that increases the power of milk by providing kids with nutrients that help them grow Taller, Stronger*, Sharper**. Additionally, your kids will also love our chocolaty flavor which will make them finish their glass of milk every time!


*More muscles

**Increase in attention and concentration scores

^Claims based on a study conducted in 1999-2000 and published in Journal of Nutrition:22(2006) S1-S39, comparing micronutrient enriched beverage vs. non-fortified placebo.

^Claims based on a recommended daily serve of two cups (54g)

Horlicks is a nourishing beverage to be taken as part of regular daily diet

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